The Word Made Flesh

I love the written Word of God, it is full of life, wisdom and potential. But I also understand that simply knowing it falls far short of what God intended. Jesus is called ‘the Word made Flesh’ in the Gospel of John Chapter one and verse fourteen. The ‘Word’ was now being fully demonstrated and actively materialised in this Earthly dimension. Isaiah prophesied in the beginning of chapter 61 what He saw Jesus, the Word made flesh doing with the Spirit on Him. The experts place these writings around 760 BC. So the people had this written Word for nearly 800 years before Jesus arrived and announced that He was about to fulfil it in Luke chapter 4 and verse 18.

They had the written Word, but it did not benefit them because there was no one who was flesh (Human) who could fulfil it. So the Word remained simply a written promise that Jesus would come and do what God said He would do. It was a rock solid promise, but without somebody on Earth with Gods authority and with faith, the Holy Spirit could not facilitate it and it would not come to pass and become a reality for this World.

Jesus told us that it was for our good that He left us and sent the Holy Spirit to us. (John 16:7) Clearly this was because the Word could be made flesh (be performed) through disciples who bear the authority of His name. These disciples are ‘hearers and doers’ of the Word and can now perform it right across the World. What a privilege to be called by His name and have the opportunity to be trained and equipped to be co labourers with the Holy Spirit in this, His dispensation, the church era.