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The Word Made Flesh

I love the written Word of God, it is full of life, wisdom and potential. But I also understand that simply knowing it falls far short of what God intended.

The Word Made Flesh2016-06-30T17:53:32+09:30

Our Miraculous God

Personally I find it incredibly encouraging that the disciples who walked with Jesus and saw firsthand the miracles that He performed were a bit slow in...

Our Miraculous God2019-06-15T12:24:20+09:30

The Bread of Life

The scriptures seem to deliberately give us pictures that are timeless, and have relevance to all ages. Bread represents to many life and sustenance.

The Bread of Life2016-06-30T17:53:32+09:30

Hope does not disappoint

At the heart of the 4:18 centre concept is to offer a place where people have the opportunity to access God’s provision. I have never found God lacking...

Hope does not disappoint2019-06-15T12:24:20+09:30

The Bible as a Work Book

I once won a football pool at a place that I worked several decades ago. When my work mates asked what I did with the money I proudly answered, “I bought a new Bible!”

The Bible as a Work Book2019-06-15T12:24:20+09:30

Abounding in Love

We cannot begin to imagine how much God loves us. I suppose the closest that we can come as humans is the way that we love our children. The Bible says that God is...

Abounding in Love2019-06-15T12:24:20+09:30