About the School

How the School runs

We begin with teaching on, and hopefully simplifying different ministry models which may be applicable. As you will see they are actually all related and connected to each other anyway. We note here that Jesus taught about the Kingdom 1st and then healed those who needed healing. Luke 9:11

As you come to understand how God may minister to you or through you to others we move on to uncovering the typical basic problems that we all encounter and where they come from. The Bible is very complete and totally informative regarding these issues and the remedies.

Areas that the School covers

Physical healing, relational restoration, spiritual release and freedom.

Mental wholeness, emotional peace, reorienting sexuality, addiction issues.

We address these 7 foundational problems acknowledging the need of the ministry of the 7 Spirits of God. (Isa 11:2) We introduce 7 healing streams as basic ways that God brings freedom to us.


As we go through each of these subjects we make time for questions and answers. This can be a very valuable part of the school.

Personal Ministry times

For those wanting personal ministry, sessions are made available where possible to receive help with whatever issues you may be dealing with.


There are sometimes slight variations from one school to another, but we always endeavour to create opportunities to activate you in what you have learnt.

There is no pressure. This is for those who have a desire to work with God in helping others, and are ready to step out. Again, it is probably much easier than you think to see God do a miracle through you.

Luke 9:11  but the crowds learned about it and followed him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing. NIV


Typically a school will run from Monday to Friday, so it will require the attendees to invest some time. We have found that making this space for God without distractions can have a remarkable impact on your life, and also those who come in contact with you. View typical schedule.

Schools shared with other Ministries

Schools are often run with compatible or complementary ministries. If this is the case it will be related in the advertising. Sometimes this will mean that the training sessions and activations have different speakers mixed through the whole event. Or it could mean that the school is run linked to another ministry which is before or after our courses.

About Short Courses

Keep an eye out for our shorter events. These may be special visitors that we are hosting or specific events ministering to targeted areas.  Short Courses normally contain the basic ministry model applicable to the area that we are going to minister to, or abbreviated versions of ministry models and then the subject of the course.

Healing Getaways

As with short courses, ‘healing getaways’ are weekend or one day seminars tailored to minister into particular areas.

As with other schools there is basic teaching in some form followed by ministry times into the areas that are being dealt with.