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4:18 Centre is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to bringing God’s promises of freedom and healing to a World in need. Our aim is to help restore Biblical order in people’s lives so that they can access that provision. The concept for 4:18 Centre’s is to provide safe places where people can come to receive ministry from Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. It is an exciting mission that has been given to the body of Christ. As we step in to it we can be sure that God will be with us. It is after all His idea.

Why 4:18

The ministry is based on the work of Jesus prophesied in Isaiah 61 and fulfilled in Luke 4:18. It is important that we pay attention to two New Testament references as to why the Spirit of the Lord was anointing Jesus. Particularly when we consider that the Church is anointed to continue the same works of God on a large scale, not through a single child of God, but many. The Holy Spirit then is on us for the same reason that it was on Jesus Christ.


I have suffered for most of my life with Migraines beginning I think at around 7 years old. One morning in the Church that I attend Steve had a word of knowledge that there was somebody present, a lady, who had suffered with headaches since they were a child. I was prayed for and the spirit of infirmity left. That was towards the end of 2014 and I was healed from that moment on.

I praise God for Brother Steve who came to visit our country. (Kenya) My uncle has been ill for 20yrs and he has been taken to many hospitals and spending a lot of money and leaving his children hungry. Surely when the servant of God laid hands on my uncle, while he was in danger of dying in a few hours (In hospital) as the doctors said, my uncle was totally healed through the power of God. I believe that the Lord who healed my uncle from danger of death, He is able to heal you today.

My thyroid counts were so high that my doctor was concerned and ready to start me on hormone replacement. After prayer all my tests are normal and the doctor can’t believe that I was even sick!
It’s so great to not be tired all the time. I am over the moon at being free from rejection, bitterness, anger and pride. Another big highlight is being released from fears and anxieties, one of which was being able to calmly have a blood test without having a panic attack.

I want to share with you the wonderful things the Lord has done in my life since I had the healing ministry with you. The following day I realized that I had no liver/pancreas pain that 1 had for 3 weeks. These episodes have been going on for years and I have been hospitalized because of it. Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you reaching out to others like me. My prayer is that many others will come to know how wonderful He is too.

Yesterday I spoke to the man you prayed for in the church service when you were here three weeks ago. He had a knee problem which caused knee pain and since that prayer he has had no pain at all, God has healed his knee. Amazing hey!

Steve and Em…hi there ….Wow you would not believe the changes in me!!!!!…but then of course you do believe!!! (Hehehe) Praise the Lord …here we go….just overflowing with the Holy Spirit like the incredible hulk, just wants to burst out, the heaviness, anxiety, confusion, sadness, back pain, sleeplessness… all gone, zapped, now light, joyous, calm, strengthened. I’m loved and in love and am delighting in my spirit language, in praising God, in reading the bible just can’t get into it fast enough.
……so after the first night with you (Tuesday)…I haven’t had to take Panadeine so that I could sleep, which always gave me a hangover….

I got healed and delivered by God from my family’s generational sin and my culture. (Chinese) I got delivered from rejection and self-hatred. God healed me of my memories, of fear, anxiety and the fear of death. (Physical healing of lungs accompanied this) On the third day of Steve and Em’s ministry, God healed me of a memory of fear of heights. Praise God. He is faithful. He restored my soul.” (Wife) “Dear Steve and Em, thank you very much for your patient, anointed ministry to my wife. Many blessings” (husband)

I have had no Asthma for well over a year now. I am so glad to be free from the fear, and feel very peaceful. Praise God!

No more panic attacks. It has now been months and I have not had a panic attack. I would have had several in a day. I am also able to go to bed and fall asleep almost straight away, instead of lying awake for hours. Bed is now a place of rest.  Thank you for all your help.

A life filled with never being good enough, not measuring up, feeling rejection and hurt was overcome by deliverance of the spirit of rejection

I had Arthritis in my ankles from as early as 30yrs old. My father was the same, and his mother before him. If I had been sitting for a while I would get up and around and limp until I freed up. A few weeks after ministry into an emotional issue my husband and I noticed that I no longer hobble when I rose to walk. It has now been many years since my deliverance and healing and I have had no re occurrence.  Thank God for His healing.

For countless years I was plagued with another voice in my head, one that I would have conversations or even arguments with. It always seemed my head was cloudy or full. The real me sometimes struggled to surface. Then came deliverance by the mighty hand of God. Immediately after deliverance I had a clarity and singleness of mind, there was no longer anyone else in there but me!

When the Lord delivered me from a spirit of suicide, I felt like I stood up on the inside. It was as if somebody put a piece of string through me and pulled me up straight. I felt tall on the inside. As well as becoming free in my spirit I was healed of constant severe back pain.

God works amazingly when you spend time with the Pidd’s! Most of my life I had struggled with a range of insecurities and I felt God nudging me to address these areas and allow His love and grace to replace my own coping mechanisms. Through healing with Steve and Em during a healing and teaching camp, I left feeling so healed that my only disappointment was that I hadn’t met them sooner! I no longer fear night times or wake up feeling imaginary spiders are coming at me.

I have been a Christian 30 years and my husband 40 years, but nothing has ever impacted us as much as doing the School of Healing and Freedom. Even though I have been around the mentality and teaching of that flow of ministry for years, it wasn’t until I had partaken of the School that it was actually cemented in my spirit the overwhelming and desperate need for Christians to get a handle on what God desires and is able to do for them in their innermost beings. Also, I now find myself helping others through this ministry, because the teaching of the school has given me more knowledge and confidence to step out in faith as I sit beside God and witness time and time again in awe as He moves in grace upon people’s lives.

… wasn’t until a few years ago, when I did the School of Healing that Steve Pidd runs, that I really started to move in the supernatural. I became more prophetic and discerning as I learned to hear the voice of God more clearly, and began working in the area of counselling those in need of emotional healing and deliverance. I have found much success and satisfaction in this work. It is my sincere belief that Steve Pidd and his wife Em would probably be the most experienced, knowledgeable, and authoritative people in this area of ministry in this country. I say that without hesitation.

Some of the things that our community appreciates about Steve and Em is their down to earth ness and practical approach to ministry. Steve’s giftedness in presenting truths of healing and spiritual realities enables people to hear afresh and to understand powerful truths of the gospel. There is always a heart in their training to see others raised up to do the same type of things. The healing ministry that has occurred in peoples’ lives in our community has seen marriages saved and lives changed dramatically for the better.

Steve Pidd visited our church for 10 days ministry in 2012. The teaching and ministry he brought on personal healing was both thoroughly biblical and effective in its content. It led to transformation in many lives as well as helping greatly in the establishment of a ministry centre that continues today.

For around 2-3 months I was suffering from daily intermittent pain in my right jawline, going through into the inner right ear. The Doctor advised that there was nothing she could do…….so, I was booked into the SA Dental Health Clinic awaiting my call up date.  When one Sunday, not long after my second visit to the Doctor, and during the Church service at Covenant Family Church, Pt Elliott, Pastor Steve Pidd through a vision had a Word of Knowledge concerning somebody suffering with pain along the right jaw line, going up into the right ear.  No doubt that was me, and I immediately went out for prayer regarding this. Praise the Lord the power of God came through prayer and I was completely and instantly healed of this complaint.

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The Word Made Flesh

I love the written Word of God, it is full of life, wisdom and potential. But I also understand that simply knowing it falls far short of what God intended. Jesus is called ‘the Word made Flesh’ in the Gospel of John Chapter one and verse fourteen. The ‘Word’ was now being fully demonstrated and actively materialised in this Earthly dimension. Isaiah prophesied in the beginning of chapter 61 what He saw Jesus, the Word made flesh doing with the Spirit on Him.


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